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Geomatics World November/December 2016

An interesting and diverse issue that covers Smart, UAVs, the prospects for autonomous vehicles, the Intergeo; and how some people prefer real-world scale models to 3D imagery.
Readers will also be interested in news on a competition for the latest Geovation Challenge from OS; the US Surveyors Rendezvous; and how at the UN geospatial data is moving up the global agenda, helping developing nations' peoples secure their land rights.

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Geomatics World September/October 2016

Mobile Mapping, Smart Technologies, Tunnelling under the Alps, Geodesy and BIM are all topics in this issue. Plus a fascinating insight into UK land law and homage to a great surveyor. We also review Pinpoint, a book about GPS is changing our lives (and possibly our brains).

Read on!

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Geomatics World July/August 2016

In some respects this edition of GW spans the extreme ends of the profession: the mathematical field of geoid modelling and the people focused subject of  management.
Readers who give advice to end users of mapping and navigation systems should study carefully the article on new transformations for Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Although we're talking millimetres, surprisingly they can make a difference.
For those engaged in any form of land management two articles stand out. We publish in some detail the RICS response to the Government's unpopular privatisation proposals*. Meanwhile, Dr Robin McLaren offers interesting ideas using modern technology to help solve the worldwide problem of land tenure and ownership rights.
We also report in some detail the GEO Business event in London in May and the FIG Working Week in Christchurch New Zealand. More on the latter's technical papers in the next issue plus the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world of Smart and mapping on the move. Read on!
* After we went to press and following a debate in Parliament it is looking increasingly likely that plans to privatise the Land Registry will be abandoned. MPs from both sides of the House of Commons expressed concerns and urged the Government to withdraw their proposals. You can read more by clicking HERE.

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Geomatics World May/June 2016

Land administration and the thorny issue of privatisation of the Britain''s Land Registry are to the fore in this issue. We also have an informative article on how Canal & River Trust are improving their capture and analysis of hydrographic data with a new system and we report on the 2016 RICS BIM conference.
There are also articles on the coming Internet of Things (IoT) and a call for the built environment professions to adapt to change including RICS and CICES.
Don't miss the GEO Business event (24 & 25 May) when readers will have the opportunity of meeting the Editor and Technical Editor in person!

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Geomatics World March/April 2016

A broad spectrum of articles in this issue, covering topics as diverse as satellite altimetry to map the topography of the deep ocean to how Ordnance Survey creates digital surface models.

Overarching is a "must read" article from Roger Lott on what it could mean for geomatics and other geospatial practitioners if there was a move from coordinate systems to Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS). There are reports from Autodesk's University event in Las Vegas and two book reviews, one is pure fun, the other should alert us to a profound change that is impacting all our lives.

We also find space for how the survey profession is coming together for BIM and the use of 360° high-definition colour imaging.

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Geomatics World January/February 2016

Welcome to the first edition of 2016 and a very Happy New Year to all readers from the editor and team at GW.
We kick-start the year:
- with some predictions via the AGI's Foresight 2020 study
- a strong focus on BIM and 3D
- how geospatial is moving up the agenda at the UN
- the importance of security of tenure in land affairs, and
- our first interview with the new Ordnance Survey GB chief.
PLUS - we highlight the importance of international boundaries, now becoming increasingly significant in SE Asia. This issue is a "must read".

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Geomatics World November/December 2015

In the last issue of 2015, we discuss a range of topics from Breheny Contractors’ surveyors using Trimble’s TX8 laser scanner rather than a total station to confirm levels of on a paved area to the work of the OGC in setting standards for interoperability between geospatial technologies.

Prof Ian Dowman provides an insight into two events that took place in Stuttgart at the same time as the InterGEO while John Brock attends the Surveyors Rendezvous annual get-together in Washington State.

We also have Conor Dore describing a project to ease the creation of high-resolution architectural 3D models, Robert Shaw explaining the techniques used by Ireland’s Discovery Programme to simplify the viewing of dense point cloud imagery and Richard Groom reporting on Trimble’s dealer showing off their latest technology.

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Geomatics World September/October 2015

A strong issue for curious readers full of news and good practice that covers a very broad sweep of geomatics. We have an insight into capturing Vessel Sensor Offsets – a great one for the hydro boys & girls but lessons too for all on capturing robust measurements.

We  take a look at a remarkable construction taking place in Barcelona that began more than a century ago and involves some of the most challenging geometry imaginable.

Nick Day has been to Trieste in Italy near the border with Slovenia where he discovered a vast cavern with geodetic pendulums. Hexagon Live in Las Vegas is reported by Adam Spring.

Stephen Ward believes the future for surveyors is BIM consulting and Richard Groom reports from an event on CAD in manufacturing but with plenty of lessons for construction

Other items you must read include the SEASC event report, the coming changes to how AutoCAD is delivered, a host of new technology unveiled at the Leica roadshow and TSA's response to our robust review in the last issue of their Calibration Guidance.

Read on!

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Geomatics World July/August 2015

Something for the engineering surveyors and hydrographers in this issue. We look at the importance of the three R's on a monitoring project for a Crossrail contract plus reports on Ocean Business 2015 and the Blue Economy. We also report on May's GEO Business conference, Survey Ireland and FIG Sophia. There's also an interesting study from the University of Newcastle on just where their graduates go. Read on!

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Geomatics World May/June 2015

For May/June we have a really sparkling issue for readers. The REAL 2015 conference in San Francisco really is something completely different with so many ideas for those involved in almost any aspect of 3D Documentation. A true game-changer, as Nick Day reports. Next we move to both land and water where surveyors Renishaw have had to go to capture the mighty Forth Rail and Road bridges in 3D.

With an increasing number of aerial mapping surveys by UAV James O'Connor and Dr Mike Smith of Kingston Uni offer a timely reminder of the essential parameters and limitations of using consumer grade cameras. Mapping Indonesia's 13,500 or more islands is definitely a job for UAV survey, as Dr Catur Aries Rokmana reports. Profiling a flowing saturated brine filled channel in Western Australia is a job for a towed rubber duck and mini SonarMite echo sounder.

PLUS we have reports on the 2015 RICS BIM conference, a Swiss backed event to promote UAVs to British entrepreneurs, the 2nd half of Martin Hedley's on how your skills could take you to the top of big business and a preview of the year's No 1 geospatial event, GEO Business. See you there!

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Geomatics World March/April 2015

Is there life after Geomatics? Most definitely. Two ex surveyors tell us about there career paths, but are some of those skills they're using today just surveying skills?

One area where geomatics skills are in demand is the insurance industry, as Ian Dowman relates. Meanwhile we look at how a 360° panoramic camera can add detail to point clouds, the UK's new "open and free" address database, an app to help flood responders, we talk to Leica's EMEA president, we look at a gyro-mapping tool; and would you believe that one of our US correspondents has been back to university in Las Vegas! Read on.

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Geomatics World January/February 2015

A major focus on laser scanning and point cloud software kick-starts the New Year for readers - let us have your views too please. We talk to Dr Vanessa Lawrence as she leaves OSGB and heads for a new career on the world stage. Richard Groom and James Kavanagh present the new RICS Measured Survey Spec and Nick Day takes a close look at the latest in wearable technology.

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Geomatics World November/December 2014

Fascinating topics in this issue. How DEMs can alleviate range anxiety amongst electric vehicle owners. Whether digital data from Ordnance Survey and Land Registry can help Britain's housing shortage. Richard Groom argues that the profession suffers from "part-time" surveyors. We also find space for a look at how women are faring in surveying, the
2014 Berlin InterGEO and the Wild-Leica story as the firm marks its 50th year in the UK.

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Geomatics World September/October 2014

Tools and Standards
New tools and new standards summarises this issue. Richard Groom looks at PAS 128, the new standard for utility surveys while Andy McKay or Plowman Craven asks, is Revit the de facto standard for BIM. Dr Gobe Hobona advocates a standard for Discrete Global Grid Systems. Sarah Hurley of surveyors MJ Rees explains Reduct, a tool for accurately locating buried pipes and sewers. A free web-based software programme for displaying survey data within OS coordinates against Google, Bing and other open sources is described by Matt Harrison. Two experts describe the UltraCam Osprey Prime aerial camera.

We also have reports on Hexagon Live, the company's mega show in Las Vegas by Adam Spring. John Brock updates us on the social side of FIG Kuala Lumpur and Richard Groom highlights the significant papers for geomatics presented there.

Lots more to read and study in the issue. For the Nov/Dec issue we will be focusing on education and training. To set the ball rolling please read my editorial.

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Geomatics World July/August 2014

Three distinctly different branches of geomatics practice contribute to a really great read.

The capture of Ruben's beautiful ceiling murals at sub millimetre accuracy, using a technique known as automated panoramic imaging, is described by John Hallett-Jones. While Dr Alexander Kohli proposes a new approach to control urban sprawl and informal settlements in developing cities around the world. The creation of an accurate 3D city model for Glasgow is also described by Marguerita Cavello.

In addition there are reports from the FIG Congress in Kuala Lumpur, the spectacular first GEO: Business event, a visit to RAF Hendon to view the "Britain from Above" exhibit and a rare Wild photogrammetric instrument. We also mark the anniversaries of D-Day and the outbreak of the first world war.

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Geomatics World May/June 2014

The GEO Business preview issue

The front cover shows the entrance to the Business Design Centre in Islington, London where Geomatics World will be on show and we hope to meet many friends and acquaintances, old and new. Our stand is K6. Until then check out our preview features on pages 23-26.

This issue of GW has a lively slate of geomatics topics. Adam Spring reports on the Intermountain GIS conference while we also cover SPAR, the annual 3D Measurement and Imaging event. There's also space for hydrography with a report on Oceanology International and a recent instrumentation and monitoring conference. There are reviews of two significant books plus Plowman Craven's updated spec for BIM. There is also a news report on how geomatics is helping in the search for MH-370, the missing Malaysian aircraft.

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Geomatics World March/April 2014

The wetter side of life

Our March/April 2014 issue focuses on hydrographic topics: Fergal McGrath introduces INFOMAR, Ireland's detailed survey of its commercially valuable waters; Dr Mike Osborne and John Pepper of Oceanwise explain how they pioneered the re-engineering of the Admiralty Chart into digital data fit for GIS and Electronic Chart Display Systems; Richard Groom analyses the papers presented at the recent Digital Hydrography on the Maritime Web event; and don't miss Nigel Woof's vivid account of emergency mapping in The Philippines following super-typhoon Haiyan in GW's Digital Extras section.

In addition to our regular columnists and industry news coverage, this issue also features reports from the 2014 RICS BIM conference, GeoForum Lecture and the International Consumer Electronics Show. Plus Han-Herbert Tuexsen describes the painstaking procedures used by Leica to calibrate their HDS scanners and Joël van Cranenbroeck answers this question - with so many off-the-shelf GNSS solutions is there still room for innovation?

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Geomatics World January/February 2014

BIM, UAS and a new year ahead!
Our first issue for 2014 sees two topics making a strong presence - BIM and unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Read about The Mollenhauer Group's work at the Beverley Center Shopping Mall ahead of its redesign; a light-weight hyperspectral sensor is a sign of opportunities to come for the UAS market in the agricultural and land management sectors; plus the Severn Partnership has been creating a BIM of RICS headquarters!
This issue also includes a feature on an award-winning app that tracks athletes' performance in real time as well as reports from recent industry events including: a lecture by GIS guru and Esri president, Jack Dangermond; Topcon's Hybrid Roadshow; the opening of Leica's new EMEA headquarters; and an RICS lecture by Gavin Adlington, this year's Michael Barrett Award winner.

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Geomatics World November/December 2013

Photogrammetry, Zebedee and swarms of UAVs!
GW reports on this year's annual Intergeo event in Essen, Germany, which saw dozens of fixed-wing and hovering UAVs. One interesting development is the growing application of image sensors for survey data capture using photogrammetry. We also have articles covering the progress of the ZEB1 handheld laser scanner since its launch earlier this year; a user seminar on Trimble's eCognition software; John King explains how crofting in Scotland has gone geospatial; and a swarm of eBee UAVs have captured the challenging terrain of the Matterhorn.
In addition, our Digital Extras this issue includes articles on standards for point clouds and photogrammetry plus don't miss our regular columnists and industry news coverage.

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Geomatics World September/October 2013

BIM, UAVs, cloud computing, marine policy, windfarms, global mapping issues. . . we have quite an issue of GW for readers!
Richard Groom explains why the growing use of UAVs can present problems for surveyors while Niall Murphy describes how Murphy Surveys overcomes the problem of communications between office and field using mobile and cloud technology. In addition, we have reports from the Defence Surveyors Association's annual Maps & Charts seminar and the Cambridge Conference, organised by Ordnance Survey GB. Finally, in addition to our regular columnists and industry news coverage, our Digital Extras this issue include articles on BIM, the cloud and Coastal & Marine Management.

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Geomatics World July/August 2013

Hydrography, GeoRiver and the "Blue Economy"

Covering this issue's theme of hydrographic trends and offshore geodata, RICS' James Kavanagh reports on the Ocean Business conference and opportunities of the "blue economy"; Simon Canning considers the challenges of dimensional control at sea; plus John Vint explains how calibration of vessel navigation sensors can be carried out on the move with GNSS technology. Also, Storm Geomatics' MD Mike Hopkins talks about the new GeoRiver software; Dr Michael Sutherland, chair of the hydrography focussed FIG Commission 4, outlines the commission's aims and activities; and don't miss in depth reviews of FIG Working Week Abuja.

Finally, our new exclusive online section, GW Digital Extras, features articles on two current hot industry topics - BIM and UAVs - plus reports from the recent GEO-South exhibition and Hexagon's 2013 user conference.

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Geomatics World May/June 2013

BIM, Monitoring, land registration and more
The focus of this issue is monitoring with articles ranging from research into the application of laser scanning to current practice in the US for dams, an unusual application by HR Wallingford to a Welsh housing development unwisely sited on a moving hillside. The issue also has an interview with Robin McLaren of Know Edge and his experience in developing a land registration system for Hungary following the collapse of the old Iron Curtain regimes. We also report on April's LiDAR Mapping Forum and trailer next issue's hydrographic feature.

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Geomatics World March/April 2013

BIM, boundary disputes and mysterious statues!
The March/April issue focuses on the theme of BIM with a report from Autodesk's recent conference plus Richard Groom talks to two leading survey companies and asks - can we define BIM? Also, Robert Beckman considers maritime boundary disputes in the South China Sea; Rachel Dalton-Taggart explains how laser scanning is helping to solve some of the mystery surrounding Easter Island's iconic statues; and Dan Schnurr continues to compare airborne methods for point cloud production. Finally, don't miss Neil Waghorn's report from DGI 2013, plus our regular columnists and industry news coverage.

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Geomatics World January/February 2013

Laser scanning, sonar, lidar and UAVs!
GW kicks off 2013 with an absolutely jam-packed issue that focuses on Lidar and UAVs. Plus readers can look forward to two articles that highlight how data captured from several sensors can be merged to create a composite 3D image of the whole. We also bring you an evaluation of Autodesk's free 123D Catch photogrammetric package as well as detailed reports from three major conferences: Digidoc 2012, ISPRS Congress and RICS Geomatics' first conference at Wuhan University in China.
Finally, don't miss our regular columnists and industry news coverage and watch out for next issue's major feature on BIM and an international boundary flashpoint.

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Geomatics World November/December 2012

Celebrating 20 years of Geomatics World!
It's that time already - not only is Christmas just around the corner, this issue celebrates the 20th anniversary of Geomatics World. We reminisce about the very first issue, then called Surveying World, and chart the changes that have taken place in the world over the last two decades. This issue also features exciting new analysis of the Stonehenge from Paul Bryan and we survey the surveyors - and our survey of the state of the profession found some surprises!
In addition to our regular columnists and latest news coverage, this issue also features reports from industry events such as the annual mega geo event that is Intergeo, plus Leica's myWorld roadshow at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, a KnowHow day with KOREC and Trimble and the second part of our review of FIG's working week in Rome.

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Geomatics World September/October 2012

Kites, hurricanes, innovation and iNsight!
There's plenty in this issue of GW to get readers thinking! With hurricanes and flooding in the news again, Wendy Lathrop looks at how surveyors can help. There are exciting opportunities ahead as GNSS improves and new techniques could offer cheaper point collection - plus, using kites for aerial photography? Bill Blake explains how this technique has provided great results! And the editor reports from the recent Leica Geosystems HDS symposium, Richard Groom reviews key papers from FIG 2012 Working Week while John Brock reports on the preceding event, the FIG History Workshop.
And in addition, click Digital INTERGEO 2012 Preview (PDF) to read up on this year's trade fair in Hanover, Germany. GW sent out a call to a number of the companies who are sponsoring this event, offering them the chance to provide a preview of what they will be exhibiting to delegates this year.

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Geomatics World July/August 2012

A Titanic task, seagulls jamming GNSS and the complexity of Cooch Behar!
Find out how laser scanning helped to produce a Titanic light show in Belfast, plus from seagulls to malicious jamming - just how safe is GNSS? Simon Canning examines the potential sources of interference. Also, GW considers a new guidance note on GNSS Network Surveying in Great Britain, Brendan Whyte tells the tale of a truly complex international boundary and how do you recognise quality standards in instrument servicing? Leica UK's service supervisor, Tim Knight, has some answers.
This issue also marks the passing of Rear Admiral Steve Ritchie, plus don't miss reports from the recent Hexagon and Topcon events and the latest on industry news and products.

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Geomatics World May/June 2012

Earthquakes, retracing boundaries and map addicts!
This issue features several significant articles including the conclusion of Roy Dale's study of the effects of New Zealand's earthquakes and the mammoth task ahead to correct the cadastre. Also with a cadastral flavour, Kieran O'Shea offers an interesting way of improving the accuracy of boundaries by reference to the original surveyors' field-books and notes. GW also marks the passing of geomatics champions Mike Cooper and Mike Curtis while Leica's technical support man Hugh Anderson also looks back on a remarkable career following his retirement.
Plus, don't miss reports from the GEO-12, UK GeoForum Lecture and Oceanlogy events and the latest news and products.

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Geomatics World March/April 2012

GEO-12, the Shaky Isles and the new generation!
This year's GEO Event (21 & 22 March, Holiday Inn Elstree) promises to be one of the best yet - read up on all our exhibitors so far in the GEO-12 Preview!
Enter Generation Z! Geospatial professionals from this generation will not have known a time without the internet - but does that make them different? How can we promote the survey profession to them? Plus, Roy Dale considers the impact of recent earthquakes in New Zealand and the country's history as the "Shaky Isles". Finally, Adam Spring reports from the 2012 International LiDAR Mapping Forum and Richard Groom reports on some essential reading from The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) Geomatics Committee and also takes a look at a selection of reports from worldwide geomatics publications that may interest readers.

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Geomatics World January/February 2012

Banish the doom and gloom!
Christmas may well be behind us as you read this but GW has plenty of great articles to stoke that new year cheer! So, just how do you measure beach movement? Well, one solution involves installing 2400 tiny radio frequency identifiers in pebbles. . . Also in this issue, GW speaks to three academics from disparate institutions on the future of Geomatics education; Robin McClaren argues that crowdsourcing can help close the 'security of tenure' gap in the developing world; Paul Bryan reviews the survey of Stonehenge in the concluding part of his article; plus Richard Groom and Stephen Booth find out more about the Phoenix Programme - the ambitious restructuring of Ordnance Survey's topographic database.

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Geomatics World November/December 2011

Focusing on the past, present and future!
Readers can enjoy part one of Paul Bryan's article on surveying the iconic prehistoric monument Stonehenge while Adam P. Spring reports on Digital Documentation 2011 and its theme "preserving the past and shaping the future". This issue also features reports from the recent Intergeo, Infrastructure Show, AGI GeoCommunity'11 and Leica's GeoWorld Roadshow events - with plenty of new geo toys to keep delegates amused! And in GW's interview, Richard Groom talks to FIG's headman, Teo CheeHai, on the challenges facing the organisation. Finally, don't miss our regular columnists and news features to keep up with the latest industry matters!

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Geomatics World September/October 2011

GPS controversy in the US
GW investigates the story behind a serious threat to GPS following plans proposed by LightSquared, a start-up company in America, to boost its satellite service that operates immediately below the GPS signal frequency band. Readers may find the following further documents of interest, which support the overwhelming opposition to this proposal:
IATA, the International Air Travel Association - Letter 1 / Letter 2 (PDFs)
ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization - Letter 1 / Letter 2
Articles in this issue also cover: a novel Japanese system for monitoring seafloor movements; the development of a common African geodetic reference system; and a look at the next step forward in turning point clouds into imagery using high dynamic range photography. Plus, don't miss reports from recent industry events including Hexagon's massive user conference in Orlando and Richard Groom's review of interesting applications and technology developments presented at FIG Marrakech.

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Geomatics World July/August 2011

We geo professionals are up for all sorts of challenges - teaching in Vietnam, walking the route of Hadrian's Wall or perhaps the ultimate motor racing adventure! Read more in our articles on the Mongol Rally, "I used to be a surveyor. . ." and our report on RICS' celebration of Professor Paul Cross' career.
Also, Barry Gleeson explains why laser scanning is the technology of choice on the Thameslink project, plus Nick Martin and Richard Groom look at a technology that could prove useful for bathymetric surveying. To complete the issue - don't miss our regular columnists and news features to keep up with the latest industry matters.

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Geomatics World May/June 2011

Sun and seminars shine at GEO-11!
In a wide-ranging issue, GW provides an in-depth report on a successful GEO-11 show that attracted full-house seminars! Also, Malcolm Anderson offers a surveyor's perspective after experiencing the Christchurch Earthquake; Neil Ackroyd explains Ordnance Survey's strategy for maintaining its topographical database; and GW marks the passing of Professor Ian Harley. Plus, Dr Finnian O' Cionnaith examines modern efforts to recreate a great Roman land map and don't miss the latest news and anecdotes from our regular columnists.

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Geomatics World March/April 2011

A sneak peek at our GEO-11 event in April, Ordnance Survey's director general considers recent developments - but one book has some criticism for Britain's mapping agency. . .
GW interviews Vanessa Lawrence, now OS Director General for over 10 years, and we asked GEO-11 exhibitors what they will be launching and promoting at the show - find out their answers in our special Exhibitors Preview! Other industry developments covered include: a new technology from Trimble makes indoor mobile mapping a reality; advances in hydrographic survey; find out how ABA Surveying's mobile scanning system fared in Denmark; and how is GIS helping to manage a nuclear facility? Finally, read a report on the recent DGI conference and chose from a tempting selection of book reviews.

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Geomatics World January/February 2011

Tips on promoting the profession from Australia, solving Britain's addressing muddle and how 90 years ago an extraordinary woman's surveying and mapmaking skills founded a modern country - our first issue for 2011 doesn't hold back!
Find out how Australian surveyors are engaging young people to promote our profession; the GW team consider the Government's announcement on the GeoPlace venture between OS and LGG; don't miss Prof Michael Cooper's fascinating account on the life of Gertrude Bell; and what techniques proved successful when surveying the spire of Milan Cathedral? Plus, catch up on the latest industry events with reports from SPAR Europe, Bentley's Be Inspired Awards, Leica's HDS conference and the Lidar Forum.

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Geomatics World November/December 2010

Worries over the coming solar maximum and its effects on GNSS are examined by two eminent researchers.
Recent events at UCL marking the retirement of Professor Ian Dowman and the 100th anniversary of the birth of EH Thompson are reported in detail. PLUS we take a look at some of the significant papers presented at FIG2010 in Sydney and hear how one company is using airborne lidar for civil engineering projects in the Middle East. We also mark the passing of an outstanding engineering surveyor and a remarkable Land & Hydrographic surveyor.

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Geomatics World September/October 2010

The autumn is often the time to review where you're going, take stock of options and maybe move in a different direction. This issue may help readers in that endeavour.
Two articles, 3D City Models and the Wave Hub Project, demonstrate how 3D technology is being applied across geomatics. While we also look back at where geomatics has come from through reflections from Professor Paul Cross as he prepares to retire, and we celebrate the first half century of the laser. We also pay tribute to one of engineering surveying's giants who died in May.


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Geomatics World July/August 2010

The latest industry product developments, including a step forward for 3D scanning, and a fish-hook shaped challenge!
In this issue, Richard Groom reports on a low cost alternative to high-end photogrammetry - but just how good is it? And where is the CAD and GI market heading? Autodesk had some interesting answers at its recent press day. Plus, Loy Surveys are impressed with the new Leica Scanstation C10 and SCCS have been helping heroes while testing out the latest Viva GNSS kit.
Don't miss informative articles on: MapAction volunteer Chris Ewing's deployment to Niger following large-scale floods; the cadastral regimes in nine EU countries; and how a new geoid model was developed for Bermuda - not a simple matter! Finally, read Alan Haugh's impressions of FIG Sydney and find out why you should make a trip to the British Library this summer!

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Geomatics World May/June 2010

Changes, challenges and new markets - plus a successful GEO show!
What are the implications of the government's response to the OS consultation? Richard Groom considers the consultation process and looks at what's new. And our GEO-10 report covers a busy two days with plenty of product demos, seminars and highlights from the exhilarating Las Vegas gala evening! Plus, Dr Adriano Meta describes how affordable, high resolution SAR will open up new markets for this technology; Carlo Peris and Tom Hiller relate the challenges of using swathe bathymetry to survey small reservoirs in Italy; and Richard Groom investigates a weighty report that could change land registration in Scotland.
And there's more! Readers can also catch John Brock's report on FIG 2010, as well as coverage of SPAR 2010 and Oceanology International.

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Geomatics World March/April 2010

A great show just around the corner, plus keep up with current industry events and avoid the cowboys!
What interesting technology can you expect to see at the industry's annual show? Find out in our GEO-10 preview. Plus, GW keeps readers briefed on current events with articles including: Richard Groom reports on the Ordnance Survey consultation; Naomi Morris explains how MapAction is supporting disaster recovery mapping in Papua New Guinea; and Shane MacLaughlin explains how to keep the cowboys at bay! Plus, ever thought about working as an offshore client's representative? Jerry Monk offers a comprehensive review.
And if that's not enough - read about a new software package that could make life a whole lot easier for surveyors engaged in Right to Light calculations, plus Nick Day stands up for terrestrial photogrammetry. Finally, we also report on the recent DGI Europe event, the annual Geoforum Lecture and a recent RICS research paper comes under the spotlight.

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Geomatics World January/February 2010

Anniversary celebrations, breakthroughs and a big "G'day"! More diverse articles for the Jan/Feb issue - don't miss it!
Some exciting reads for the new year as Alan Barrow describes a breakthrough in mobile scanning for highway mapping, plus find out about a remarkable system for the capture in high resolution of objects in 3D from Menci Software. In addition, Gareth Mitchell explains the best approach to construction monitoring when in a tough environment and Alan Fox talks us through recording titles in Abu Dhabi's complex development hierarchy.
Plus, a big "G'day" awaits those lucky enough to be going to the FIG Congress in Sydney next year - find out more in a congress preview from the assistant congress director. And Nick Day reports on Leica's HDS scanning conference while Richard Groom attended Durham University's International Boundaries Research Unit's 20th anniversary celebrations.

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Geomatics World November/December 2009

Plenty of topical articles to debate about in this issue, plus we cover a range of industry events from Denham to Kyoto!
What should we do when we find faults in software? Chris Mills issues a call to action while Andy Roberts says it's all about perceptions in "Trade or Profession?" Also, we find out how a vast monitoring scheme is saving Norwegian tranquillity from the threat of a tsunami, Mark Griffin introduces Abu Dhabi's real property and land registration system and Richard Groom reports on Charlie Beedon's 2009 Michael Barrett Lecture, "War and Peace - abridged!"
PLUS, don't miss our reports on KOREC's GPSTech Day in Denham, the 2009 Intergeo, Leica's roadshow at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and Alan Thunhurst has been to Japan to find out why the whole world needs to get recording its heritage digitally.

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Geomatics World September/October 2009

For this issue, GW went in search of articles to keep readers' spirits up as the darker evenings draw in - article topics include cadastral surveying in the tropical paradise of Bermuda, aerial lidar and the perfect autumn read!
In our first article, John B Noon considers how Bermuda's fixed boundary system is holding up today, Richard Groom reports on the launch of a major initiative to commercialise earth observation data, plus we offer a casestudy on managing assets in Derbyshire by Rob Marron and a look at how airborne lidar can be a useful tool for monitoring transmission line corridors.
However, GW also likes a healthy debate: the Editor reports on a recent paper on the state of the profession around the world - is surveying a vocation in crisis? And if that isn't enough, this issue includes our regular columnists and not one, not two, but three in-depth book reviews to tantalise the book worms among us!

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Geomatics World July/August 2009

A particularly wide ranging issue that covers engaging articles - from the heights of the Burj Dubai Tower to the depths of underground survey - plus key industry conferences and product launches.
The first part of Doug Hayes' article on the Burj Dubai Tower went down a treat last issue - now find out how the solutions to the problems faced in the construction of the tower performed. Plus, Mark Probert describes a unique course that is giving Land Registry staff the chance to become Associate RICS members, Richard Groom considers the implications of UKMap and what improvements can users expect from Trimble's recently upgraded network RTK processing engine?
Finally, don't miss a casestudy on Infotec's PipeTrack 3D system, Richard Groom considers the latest release of Intermap's NextMap Britain dataset, plus conference reports on Ocean Business 2009, Digital Documentation 2009 and the two day CLGE conference where David Powell championed Britain's general boundaries system.

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Geomatics World May/June 2009

An engaging issue that takes readers all over the world! From the tallest tower to one of the deepest mines.
Doug Hayes describes the scale of engineering involved in building the Burj Dubai Tower in the first of a two-part article and Ian du Toit looks at the importance of integrity monitoring for opencast mining in South Africa. Then, Roy Dale considers the use of geomatics and GIS to combat climate change in New Zealand and Glyn Hunt describes his work in rig move operations in the North Sea - do offshore projects put geomatics skills to the test?
Next, we report on two lively events. Trimble's Dimensions in Las Vegas experienced an increase in visitor attendance despite the recession and GEO-9 attracted many new visitors and high satisfaction scores from both exhibitors and attendees. Finally we cover significant reports on a Galileo seminar hosted by RIN and the FIG-World Bank conference in Washington DC.

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Geomatics World March/April 2009

With our GEO-9 exhibition just around the corner, this issue offers a sneak peek at what you will see from exhibitors at this year's complete geo event! We also have a wide selection of articles on topics from across the industry: Bluesky's James Eddy explains how aerial photography can help in boundary disputes; Richard Groom investigates SCCS' baseline calibration facility, which has gained UKAS accreditation; Surveyor General B.J.P Mendis reports on the development of Sri Lanka's national atlas; plus we find out about the versatility of the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) and the complexities of delivering spatial data! Finally, Carol Agius reports on Malta's GI and surveying conference and don't miss George Lamb's "a day in a life" of a cadastral land surveyor in New Zealand - it's not just sun, sea and fresh air!

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Geomatics World January/February 2009

Welcome to the New Year! Geodesy, Boundaries (terrestrial and maritime), GIS and Britain's first Location Strategy, this issue kick starts the year away from the ever gloomy economic news. With reports on the accuracy and reliability of Network RTK, the Ordnance Survey's first geodesy and positioning forum and the Global Geodetic Observing System, the ever growing significance of geodesy is highlighted. But don't miss Nick Day on Leica's HDS and airborne scanning conference in California and our covereage of ESRI's London conference. For those involved in boundaries Rosie Weller explains the new RICS Neighbour Dispute Resolution service and Richard Groom examines whether Ireland may switch from general to fixed boundaries. A great issue to keep readers bang up to date with their CPD, whether they're busy or considering their position.

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Geomatics World November/December 2008

Come and celebrate 60 years of RICS Geomatics! This issue harks back to the founding of the RICS Land and Hydrographic Survey Division as we chart the changes in practice and technology over the years. But there's plenty to help with your current and CPD reading over Christmas! Paul Fassam considers how aerodrome surveying has changed with the switch from searching for OS control to RTK GNSS. Read up on the TanDEM-X global mapping mission. Take a look at proposals from Dan Schnurr and Elizabeth Wilkinson to update survey specifications. Resolving neighbour disputes is at the core of Graham North's Michael Barrett Award Lecture while Nick Days asks, 'Where are today's Leonardos'. Plus full reporting on current events such as Leica's recent roadshows and the International Geodetic Student Meeting in Valencia.

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Geomatics World September/October 2008

Despite the economic doom and gloom, we focus on the opportunities within our business. Are surveyors missing out where flood insurance is concerned? Richard Groom argues the case for assessing risk by individual properties. We take a look at two major engineering surveying projects: 4D modelling helps update a Victorian railway system and Steve Greenhow describes a measurement system used to monitor a collapsed rail tunnel. And in Botswana, Dr Boipuso Nkwae reports on the creation of a new professional association for his compatriots. 
Also, don't miss our "Day in the Life" column - geophysicist Michael Brien tells us about his day behind the wheels and at the screen of a ground penetrating radar unit. We bring you a report on the ISPRS Congress in Beijing, a special preview of companies exhibiting at Intergeo, Richard Groom lifts the veil to reveal more on the software behind network RTK and we look at the new RICS self-regulation scheme.

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Geomatics World July/August 2008

David Phillips looks into OSGB’s height datum, while Mark Greaves and Colin Fane pick up the gauntlet thrown down by David in his investigation of Ordnance Survey and if they’ve forgotten the fundamentals of good surveying. We also have Patrick Collins reporting on laser scanning big US event, how Topcon helped a holiday villa development project and Richard Groom reporting on FIG’s working week in Stockholm. Plus much more including an interesting article on how GIS can be essential for responding to rapid change, as shown by the Sri Lankan experience after the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami.

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Geomatics World May/June 2008

In this issue we report on our successful GEO-8 exhibition - with numbers up, there are plenty of highlights to read about! Plus, Richard Groom reports on the engaging sessions at this year's m3 conference. And are the fires still burning in Mt St Helens? Our article looks at how Trimble GPS is monitoring the volcano after it fatally erupted in the 1980s. Next up, GW interviews Simon Kwok, chair of the RICS Geomatics Faculty in Hong Kong, and David Philips argues that Britain's geodetic coordinate system is flawed in the first of two articles. But do you agree? Also, Faith Elliot shares her experiences as a measured building surveyor, Ian Harris looks at London's Crossrail project and Sally Holroyd and David Sinclair answer the question - how can electricity be transported between countries? Finally, we offer an ISPRS congress preview by Ian Dowman and Andrew Morris and Gary Hallam report on a workshop on digital survey methods.

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Geomatics World March/April 2008

With our GEO-8 exhibition just round the corner, this issue gives you a sneak peek at all the exhibitors so far - so start planning your visit now! While you're waiting, find out what RICS Geomatics chair, Ruth Adams, had to say in the GW Interview or why not read the concluding part of Jonathan Iliffe's article as he argues - you must remember the datum! Plus, don't miss Peter Dale's article on the complexities of land markets, a look at how Ordnance Survey maintain "the master map" and Chris Mills thinks he understands tolerances - do you agree? Lastly, the editor reports on the DGI Europe conference, plus read an outline of Diane Dumashie's coastal resources paper, presented at the FIG Costa Rica regional conference.

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Geomatics World January/February 2008

We kick some life into the new year by looking at two issues dear to the hearts of surveyors. Calibration is something all instruments need at some time in their life so we follow how one total station fared on a trip to Switzerland. Once upon a time understanding basic geodesy was something for the mappers but then along came GPS. In the first of two articles, Jonathan Iliffe helps iron out some of the problems. We also take a look with Gethin Roberts and Matthew Baddley at whether a laser scanner is the right tool for deformation monitoring. You will also find detailed reports of Trimble's Dimensions 2007 and Leica's San Ramon laser scanning conference, while Richard Groom heads for the sky with a report from a conference on Tall Buildings, and he also finds out how the "Free Our Data" enthusiasts fared at the House of Commons.

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Geomatics World November/December 2007

Packed with the latest news and affairs of the industry, in this issue discover how SAR sensors are helping in understanding mining subsidence; consider Amy Roberts' argument that land reassembly is a worldwide need; read about how stereo satellite imagery is aiding the exploration of gold deposits in Iran; and find out why Alan Clark took on the role of the Pied Piper when he worked in Mali! And, of course, don't miss our regular "Day in the life of. . ." series, this time following the adventures of an archaeological surveyor for Tony Robinson and the Time Team. We also keep you up-to-date with a report on a successful RSPSoc conference, plus Richard Groom's visit to a Ditchley conference themed around "Space: Enlarging the Benefits for Earth". In addition, the editor checks out RICS membership benefits in the absence of our usual Policy Watch column; the issue has a particularly lively Letters' column and, of course, our regular columnists in Undercurrents, Down Undercurrents and Overcurrents are not to be missed.

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Geomatics World September/October 2007

GW shows how digital photogrammetry can be used for measuring a marathon running course as an alternative to using a calibrated bicycle. We report from OSGB's four-yearly Cambridge Conference, along with a critical editorial on the future for Britain's mapper. Professor Peter Dale reports from an international workshop on land administration in Mongolia. Other articles pose questions but do you agree with their authors' findings? Dr John Martin says that Ireland's new flood risk policy requires survey techniques; Finnian O'Cionnaith argues that community mapping projects can help defend land rights; and Dr Richard Bingley asks - is the sea rising or the land sinking? Finally, our "Day in the life of. . ." series finds a UK surveyor at work in Uganda on a survey for a highway project.

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Geomatics World July/August 2007

"Let's go for it!" Following the FIG's rallying call, this issue of Geomatics World gets going with an in-depth report on the Working Week by the editor. Following this, Professor Van der Molen closes his two-part article on land administration by redefining principles. The issue's strong line-up continues, however, with a warning from Richard Groom on the looming problem of solar flares - is your GNSS receiver ready for a major sunspot cycle? Other pertinent topics for today's industry, covered in this issue, include international boundaries, global warming and the Atlantis initiative. Plus, read our conference report on Survey Ireland 2007; Hazel Riley's article on surveying archaeological sites; and Chris Mills asks - are consultants the answer?

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Geomatics World May/June 2007

The May/June issue of GW wastes no time in asking pertinent questions about today's industry. Questions that our articles strive to answer! Professor Paul Van der Molen asks if the current land administration system fulfils modern society's needs and Richard Groom considers whether the Balanced Scorecard management tool lives up to Iain Greenway's praise in last issue's interview. Plus, Chris Mills argues that outside in the real world is where instruments should be calibrated - but how do four serviced instruments fare under his scrutiny? This issue also presents the first in the "A day in the life of. . ." series with our technical editor following a Japanese Knotweed surveyor! Finally, read articles on scanning Blackfriars bridge; Surrey Satellites' cost-effective space vehicles; reports on leading GNSS networks; and the highlights of World of Geomatics.

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Geomatics World March/April 2007

With an opening article on the construction of Heathrow's Terminal 5, readers can look forward to a highflying issue highlighting the latest industry affairs. In our industry reports, expect in-depth reviews on Topcon's GPT 7000i, OmniSTAR's HP service and Leica and Trimble's network RTK websites. Discover how students from Newcastle fared in the geodetic Olympics at last year's meeting of the international geodetic students organisation. Plus, catch up with some of the latest industry projects, with reports on British Waterways, Pictometry and calibration, and compare your own views with Richard Groom's answer to 'is there life after NIMSA?'

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Geomatics World January/February 2007

Something for everyone in this issue with a report on the control and monitoring during construction of Thurrock Viaduct on the CTRL; airborne LiDAR for hydrographic surveys in the coastal zone; talking to OSNI's new head; Trimble's Dimensions conference plus why comms are the weak link in RTK.

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Geomatics World November/December 2006

Various conferences and exhibitions have vied for our attention over the last two months. This issue responds by choosing to report on two of the big hitters in detail: the FIG Congress and Intergeo. Plus, by covering differing views on Ordnance Survey's RTK GPS network, Richard Groom's thoughts on the ICE geospatial conference and all the latest news from the industry, our latest issue promises to give readers lots to think about.

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Geomatics World September/October 2006

Our striking new front cover design will make GW stand out from the crowd. This issue was designed to reflect the diversity of geomatics. I hope we've achieved it with articles on point clouds, heritage surveying, close range photogrammetry and business management. Let us know what you think.

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Geomatics World July/August 2006

A significant issue that looks at the emerging changes in the way that surveyors handle land management and the implications for education. We conclude our look at how Interferometric SAR can be used to measure vegetation and there are major news stories covering the use of GPS to predict tsunamis, the deal between the RICS and the Land Registry and a new scanner that uses total station principles.

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Geomatics World May/June 2006

A striking and original front cover by our graphic designer has captured the essence of this year's World of Geomatics. The issue contains a full report with a strong focus on the m3 Conference plus recent developments in terrestrial laser scanning and the second part of our article on using SAR for natural resource management with online GPS for ground truthing.

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Geomatics World March/April 2006

Measured building surveys come under the editorial microscope with a lively and challenging article from Patrick Collins of Michael Gallie & Partners, while Andy Roberts of MBS looks at those perennial favourites, accuracy, scale and precision and asks whether survey drawings are an oxymoron. A well researched and written report on how SAR can help natural resource management adds further weight to an important CPD issue for readers.

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Geomatics World January/February 2006

We report from Trimble's mega Dimensions event in Las Vegas in October as well as Leica's more intensive laser scanning conference the following month. Readers also have the chance to study in detail Andrew Pain's lecture to faculty members on boundaries while Shane Jones ads a little welcome Caribbean sun.

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Geomatics World November/December 2005

A significant paper on railway route mapping examines the complexities of this automated technology with growing applications around the world. We report on the mega Intergeo exhibition in October and reveal the future for the Ordnance Survey's International Collection. Don't forget to read Keith Murray's informative article on SDIs.

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Geomatics World September/October 2005

Don't miss our two major project reports separated by 40 years but with a common thread. Read Richard Groom's advice on avoiding gross errors and Carl Calvert poses the intriguing question, is a measurement a fact or an opinion?

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Geomatics World July/August 2005

We’ve got a mix of articles for this issue. We look at the more formal aspect of FIG Working Week, the perils of setting out the Sydney Opera House, and the Scott v. Amundsen race for the South Pole. Plus how to save time and money with non-intrusive utility tracing, a look at the changing face of recruitment in Geomatics, and much more!

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Geomatics World May/June 2005

Major up updates, reports and reviews affecting the profession both in the UK and abroad, plus details of a new aerial photogrammetric technique make this a "must read and keep for reference" issue. We also look at two novel accounts of how farming and survey technology are blending plus a review of the highly successful World of Geomatics 2005 event.

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Geomatics World March/April 2005

We look at the terrifying events of Boxing Day 2004 from a geomatics perspective with some spectacular imagery captured by the Royal Navy's survey ship. We consider the exciting future for positioning and navigation systems as well as showcasing a cutting edge personal application already under development. Plus Richard Bullard on the "Narrowly educated Surveyor" and current UK academic courses in geomatics.

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Geomatics World January/February 2005

Exciting developments in total station technology plus practical mapmaking in the field are at the heart of this issue. But don't miss the growing demand for 3D datasets for GIS and geotechnical applications plus news of a copy of one of Harrison's sea clocks.

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Geomatics World November/December 2004

A full report on the Istanbul ISPRS 2004 Congress and an overview of past and present work by the RICS Geomatics Faculty (along with the chance to meet the new team in charge) are just some of the highlights. The issue also focuses on Professional CPD capabilities at Newcastle and Nottingham, and show reports from GeoSolutions and AGI2004.

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Geomatics World September/October 2004

Carsten Ronsdorf highlights developments in Ordnance Survey's Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) programme. Plus GW reports on the GPS/Galileo interoperability deal and previews two of the industry's main events: GeoSolutions and AGI.

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Geomatics World July/August 2004

Ed Danson writes on Lewis and Clark who set out 200 years ago to chart the vast lands of Jefferson's shrewd Louisiana Purchase. PLUS: Presentation in Mapping and Survey - Plotters, Peripherals and Software. We shall also be marking the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

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Geomatics World May/June 2004

The challenges of building a GIS for the bustling territory of Hong Kong are explored in some detail plus reports from recent conferences of FIG, the Teachers of Surveying and the sparkling World of Geomatics and m3 event at Newbury.

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Geomatics World March/April 2004

This is an issue not to miss. The modernisation of GPS plus the European Galileo satellite system are analysed and several articles reflect the growing importance of the marine environment to surveyors. There are also important contributions on calibration and a review of the RICS' Guidelines on GPS Surveys.

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Geomatics World January/February 2004

GIS and Crime Mapping are the major topics for this issue plus a look at "Virtual London". But watch out for news of the upcoming ISPRS Congress and a preview of World of Geomatics, 25 & 26 February, Newbury Racecourse.

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