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GIS Professional December 2016

An exceptionally wide slate of articles this time. We report in some detail on the AGI's GeoCom16 one-day event at the RGS - why location matters in data analytics.
We launch a new column: the elevator pitch. Ed Corkery and Steven Ramage discuss the future for publishing open data and where opportunities and barriers remain. Are we heading for gender equilibrium in GI? Sarah Lewin thinks so.
We honour a great GI academic given a Global Citizen Award. We also look at EO data, the value of GIS in Big Data and reveal just how to collect river habitat data by UAV.

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GIS Professional October 2016

Plenty to interest readers in this issue, from high-level policy issues like INSPIRE (will it survive Brexit? See the Editor's comments) to the benefits of using GNSS enabled data collectors for utility surveys.
Codrina Ilie reports on the FOSS4G conference in Bonn, while Dan Joseph and colleagues report on how the American Red Cross is enabling local people to capture mapping for communities at risk from natural disasters and health emergencies. David R. Green and Jan O. Jansen show how using GIS analysis of mapping showing the spread of Hepatitis C can add value for planners. In a further example, our Big Map feature tracks the spread of the Zika virus across the US.
We also show how by using a drone a premier angling river at risk from pond weed can be quickly mapped for action.

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GIS Professional August 2016

This is a meaty issue for readers. Heritage, Health, Geodesy and Return on Investment in addressing are the key topics. They are all underpinned by GIS.
We also find space for an intriguing map that looks at the geography of Brexit, how BIM is going mainstream and how digital realities and cooperation is the key for AGI Northern Ireland.

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GIS Professional June 2016

Something for everyone in this issue. We talk to the AGI about recent changes and the way ahead for an organisation which was triggered by the Chorley Report, whose author's life we also celebrate.
There are detailed reports of the GeoPlace conference (and a gung-ho statement from a minister); the mega Esri UK user; and the GEO Business conference. PLUS, we report on the Internet of Things (IoT - probably wise they didn't create an acronym using the definite article), Geovation and a wonderful map that celebrates our great Bard's 400th anniversary.

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GIS Professional April 2016

Grand theft geospatial! A moody front cover courtesy of Rockstar Games announces this heavy-weight issue. Our report on AGI Scotland reveals a day that fizzed with ideas and debate. Former Chief Land Registrar John Manthorpe examines why privatisation for the Land Registry is just plain wrong.

Meanwhile, the value of OpenStreetMap and the work of volunteers in mapping parts of the world where little geospatial data is available is discussed by Paul Stewart. And we give space to Andrew Thompson to develop his ideas for a ground information model (GRIM?) while father and son team Andy and James Coote discuss how geospatial is influencing the video games business.

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GIS Professional February 2016

An in-depth review of the AGI's Foresight 2020 report plus Day 2 of GeoCom 2015 kick off the issue. We are also delighted to include Liz Scott's award-winning GeoCom paper.

There is a particularly interesting and revealing map of the Middle East in our "Big Map" feature. Elsewhere we look at neography and the gamification of GIS, Smart Cities and BIM.

In News, there is more on the privatisation of the Land Registry, how open data is helping reveal the course of Roman Roads, standards for linked data and proposals from OGC for global grid systems to replace coordinate map systems.

In Products & Services we report on a new data source also featured on the front cover. Read on.

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GIS Professional December 2015

The last issue for 2015 has plenty to interest readers with news, short reports and in-depth articles.  We report on Day 1 of the AGI GeoCom conference plus a lengthy interview with new Ordnance Survey CEO Nigel Clifford.

We also find space for a report on how geospatial is helping develop technologies to assist Europe's ageing population while James Brayshaw explains how government is increasingly adopting location intelligence.

We have also found space for an interesting application that won last year's AGI Award for Best use of geospatial in business and an update of the latest geospatial technologies launched at the Stuttgart Intergeo. Enjoy!

And don't forget our 2016 Year Planner, stick it up today!

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GIS Professional October 2015

We’ve got a wide range of topics discussed in this issue from Martyn Lufkin searching for answers on how Russia mapped Britain during the Cold War; David Lovell reflecting on his career spanning six decades; and Dr Geoff Smith explaining CORINE.

Abigail Page writes two articles, one reporting on AGI’s “Big 5” series about future cities and the other on AGI members in Scotland getting to grips with drones. There is also a preview of the GeoCom Conference in November as reported by Chris Holcroft from an interview with Rollo Home.

Plus, Bart De Lathouwer and Athina Trakas discuss the importance of geospatial standards in Europe, Benjamin Allan of miso explains the benefits and complexities of INSPIRE Phase 2, James Norris reports from the fifth meeting of the UN-GGIM and a look at the new Irish post code system.

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GIS Professional September 2015

This is a special edition of GiS Pro to coincide with the UNCAP and OGC meetings in Nottingham.

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GIS Professional August 2015

A little gem of an issue and one definitely not to miss. We kick off a sparky debate over how we use language in geospatial with contributions from Chris Holcroft, Adena Schutzberg and Steven Eglinton.

We've also got the mega Esri User Conference in San Diego covered: Adam P Spring reports on how GIS is going into the mobile world with crowd-sourced mapping.

We also take an in-depth look at what GIS can do for the insurance business trying to calculate flood risks.

Feel like writing something for the next issue? Copy date is 7 September. Send to

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GIS Professional June 2015

Aerial imagery is a major source of background data for GIS; now there's something to bridge the gap between UAVs and high resolution digital cameras, says Tom Whittome of Caledonian Air Survey.

In Nico Regnaud's article More maps from big data we return to the thorny issue of cartography and the neo-cartographer. Meanwhile, in Geodata for Business and Geo For All we report on a range of growing opportunities and applications for geodata.

May was a busy month for our team of reporters (both of them!) with the annual GeoPlace Awards event, where we learn about how addressing is helping local authorities save hard-won cash for taxpayers. And Esri UK's busy conference with many fascinating insights into how people are using GI across their businesses.

Watch out for the next issue (August) and our report on the GEO Business event.

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GIS Professional April 2015

Some changes. We've introduced a great map feature on pages 18 & 19; check it out and tell us what you think. And a new column, GeoBalls that teases some of those who think they know what geo is all about. We also examine in more detail what it means for Ordnance Survey as it becomes a GovCo. We look at two aspects of the use of UAVs to capture geospatial data. We ask is it really possible to bring GIS and BIM together and we have an insider's view on open data and the need for a government strategy. And there's lots more, including a new Editor (well, a recycled one anyway!).

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GIS Professional February 2015

The great British addressing saga continues: the editor examines the Cabinet Office's latest wheeze: Open Addresses! Will they be as successful as Open StreetMap?
Three of our first edition authors reflect on ten years of GI. We report on the sparkling Day 2 of AGI's Geocom; Many books are about place so why not put them on the map says Alex Mackie?
The NHS and A&E are in the daily news so can GIS help? Dr E Wallington thinks so. Meanwhile, MapAction faces its most perilous deployment yet: Mapping the Ebola crisis in West Africa. GIS or Geospatial? Does it matter asks Ralph Diment.
INSPIRE is the subject of Prof Ian Masser's seven-year review while Laura Williams of miso (no that's not the Japanese soup!) tells us about the challenges faced by local authorities in gaining compliance. The AGI has a new chair: welcome David Henderson to the AGI column and finally our editor comments on the news that the Government plans to turn Ordnance Survey into a government owned company, GovCo.

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GIS Professional December 2014

There’s not one, but two landmark anniversaries celebrated in this December issue. AGI turn 25 and GiS Professional magazine turn 10 with a special timeline article to celebrate this on page 10.

In addition to this, there is a report on the 2014 AGI awards for Geospatial Excellence, a report by Peter Sleight on how neighbourhoods are classified for target marketing, an insightful interview with Vanessa Lawrence as she leaves Ordnance Survey and Nathan Heazlewood who has 20 years experience working in GIS gives us an insight into the state of jobs in the GIS sector.

Finally, there is how Barnsley Council have implemented a cloud based system to improve existing services, Mike Batty explains how 3D models have progressed over the past decade and Richard Jenkings writes about consumer segmentation.

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GIS Professional October 2014

Coincidence analysis is indeed a can of worms, as our article on p.16 reveals including a report from Prof Bob Barr who concludes "our National Mapping Agency is obliged to defend its business model by making spurious assertions about “coincidence” or “substitution” – in the context of OS MasterMap and the Land Registry Index Map". This ongoing dispute centres around Land Registry polygons and OS MasterMap derived data. You can also read more at

Elsewhere there are several interesting case studies – legal deposit libraries, fire brigades, cross country pipelines, local authority services – and three articles which might just convince you to help set and/or use ‘standards’. Then you might want to use a DIY ‘drone’ or think carefully about coincidences – in geometric space or time! Finally we have an interesting personal reflection from John Wilkinson who has just retired after leading Land and Property Services in Northern Ireland for several years.

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GIS Professional August 2014

Is Cartography dead in the “visualisation” age? Kristin Warry think so. And how GIS can find you a parking space and how it is helping a 3D radar developer find the right sites for wind farms are just two of the novel areas where GIS can provide the answer.

We also report on Esri’s busy user conference and the first GEO Business event. Plus an Open Standards forum for the UK, how geodata is being used in the games environment, a sneak preview of GeoCom 2014 and the Big 5, the annual INSPIRE conference and Adena Schutzberg explains why all the big boys are buying UAVs.

Finally, has Ordnance Survey taken a step too far with the launch of a Geointelligence unit? Some of its partner companies think so.

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GIS Professional June 2014

There really is a bountiful menu for everyone in this issue. For those involved in the public sector, Tony Bracey of Welsh Government reports on a project that could lead to massive savings for emergency responders of both money and importantly, time. While a case study from Ordnance Survey is a reminder of the important role played by good addressing in response and money saving. This is backed up by our coverage of GeoPlace's annual awards event for users of the NLPG gazetteers.

Meanwhile government is struggling to sort out an emerging spat between Land Registry and Ordnance Survey over the pricing of polygons. Further away we report on the rapid progress made in the former Eastern Bloc countries in land registration - and without mega IT projects. Big Data is moving up the agenda and Andy Coote provides geospatial and location context with a US perspective. Meanwhile, geohazards threaten many European cities; PanGeo is a project aimed at relieving them. On education, AGI Scotland is carrying the geo message to schools. Brian Quinn provides an insight into the painstaking work behind Cassini's historical Ordnance Survey map series. Finally we report on a project that is using GIS and LiDAR to help Pacific island nations plan ahead for the consequences of global warming.

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GIS Professional April 2014

Remember to turn off your night lights!
In another packed issue, read about how Bluesky's Night Mapper system is providing intelligence for the debate on urban light pollution; the QCumber Smart City platform could unleash city data by combining public and crowd-sourced data; Robin Waters discovers a thriving GI industry in Ireland; and find out how the AGI responded to the European Commission's INSPIRE consultation. Also, Roger Longhorn and Dr David Coleman discuss the mission of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association, the smeSpire project is helping small businesses to exploit geospatial information while Scottish Water has unlocked its geospatial data with an interactive web viewer. Finally, catch up on the latest industry events with reports from the AGI's first "Big Five" debate on Future Cities, GeoInsurance 2014, the GeoForum Lecture and HERE's Enterprise Location Forum.

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GIS Professional February 2014

Standards, emergency mapping and GI opportunities everywhere!
Information standards and INSPIRE feature strongly in this issue with a focus on local government plus Bruce McCormack, President of EUROGI, challenges us in UK to take advantage of GI opportunities in Europe. And don't miss Nigel Woof's vivid account of MapAction's deployment to the Philippines following super-typhoon Haiyan; Andy Coote is clearly impressed with what he saw at the GSDI and GIS Africa conferences; and AGI reveals its Big 5 debate for 2014!
In addition to our regular columnists and industry news coverage, this issue also features a report on the recent AGI Awards and case studies on decimetre positioning, web mapping and how is GIS helping to sustain the Welsh marine environment?

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GIS Professional December 2013

INSPIRE, webGIS and - a future for the census?
Our December issue offers plenty to read while you munch on that extra mince pie! The GiSPro Interview sees Andrew Trigg explain the latest developments at Land Registry; Robin Waters reports back from a consultation on the future of population statistics in England and Wales; Peter Parslow shares an Ordnance Survey experience; Colin Henderson considers just how disruptive cloud technology really is; Michelle Oldfield explains how a spatial app can be "sold" without a map in sight; and - have you ever tracked where your cat goes at night? David Green has!
This issue also covers recent industry events including Cadcorp's fire services conference, the lecture given by Esri's Jack Dangermond to the British Cartographic Society on web cartography, Geoplace's Everything Happens Somewhere 2013 conference and Esri's Developer Summit Europe 2013. All this in addition to our regular columnists and coverage of the latest industry news and products!

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GIS Professional October 2013

Open data cakes, a fortune-teller and what does Robin Hood have to do with GI?
GiSPro celebrates the spirit of "Maptember" and the passion of our industry with reports back from AGI GeoCommunity'13, FOSS4G and the BCS' 50th Anniversary Symposium where geo enthusiasts gathered together from all over the world. This theme is continued in our interview with Charles Kennelly as he talks of breaking barriers to using geospatial information; a case-study shows how GIS technology has enhanced mapping services for the Borough of Poole; Arnulf Christl and David Overton consider the core concepts of Open Data; and David R Green introduces the University of Aberdeen's new M.Sc. programme in GIS.
Plus, don't miss our regular columnists, industry news coverage and reports from recent seminars on topics including Inspire and historic military mapping.

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GIS Professional August 2013

Population modelling, intelligent infrastructure and perils of Royal Mail privatisation!
In our August 2013 issue, Tim Wood concludes his article series on BIM with a look in to smart cities, Andrew Young expresses concern that the privatisation of Royal Mail could compromise national addressing and the National Population Database marks a decade of modelling populations. Plus don't miss this issue's GiSPro interview with Melvin Lindsay of Aligned Assets as well as our preview of AGI GeoCommunity'13, which will soon be "open for business"!
Other articles of interest include a report on the PSI directive, Trimble's geospatial vision for the future and - what is the economic impact of Geo Services? All this in addition to our regular columnists, news, case studies and industry event reports including the Survey Association's recent UAV conference!

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GIS Professional June 2013

Health GIS, address datasets and a roadmap for BIM!
This is a packed issue with articles from our editor Robin Waters and Kristin Warry of Swindon Borough Council on Health as a major focus plus Mark Iliffe explains how mobile technology is improving public services in the developing world. In addition, Dr Bob Barr explains succinctly the complexity caused by the UK's various "definitive" address datasets and argues the case for open data, while Rob Walker and the editor update readers on the latest developments for users of address datasets.
We also return to the BIM topic with a second article from Tim Wood and find space for an interview with James Brayshaw, the new man at the helm of Pitney Bowes Software's MapInfo brand.
There are also reports of various events including Esri's UK user conference, a product launch from Google, KOREC's Technology Day and a couple of insightful case studies. Plenty to whet the GI appetite!

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GIS Professional April 2013

BIM, unlocking GI and keeping up with the wildlife!
The April 2013 edition kicks off with part one of Tim Wood's article on the UK's BIM strategy and how GI can help improve information on the built environment - plus don't miss our report from the GEO-North event! This issue's GiSPro Interview will interest anyone considering switching to digital data capture technology while Gayle Gander from GeoPlace describes the development of new guidance on BLPU polygons and David Overton explains how SplashMaps demonstrates the possibilities of open data.
Also, our case studies have a particularly international flavour and include a look at Malta's new web portal; a report from the imaGIne conference in Dublin; the University of Northampton has focused its marketing activities using ArcGIS software; and how has cloud GIS helped to centralise mapping information in Pakistan? Finally, our news coverage and regular columnists keep you up-to-date with industry developments plus find out how GIS technology helped the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

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GIS Professional February 2013

Crisis mapping, exploding acronyms and when to call a GI professional!
Our February issue leads the way in to the New Year with a welcome from GiSPro's new editor Robin Waters and a wide range of topical articles. The GiSPro Interview features thoughts from Jus Mackinnon, a founder of CrisisMappersUK and self-taught GI enthusiast, while Tim Wood seeks to answer - what is a GI professional, anyway? Also, read about the Local Government Boundary Commission for England's new Consultation Portal in the cloud and join the debate for a Map for England.
Additionally, this issue features: two case studies - one on cloud GIS, one on automating map production; the editor considers two new websites that use GI to deliver information about the Blitz; plus our regular columnists and news coverage.

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GIS Professional December 2012

Transaction machines, addressing champions and Raspberry Pi!
The GiSPro team report on the streamed presentations that were delivered at the 2012 AGI GeoCommunity event plus we interview plenary speaker and urban planner Tim Stonor - how does the power of space affect human behaviour? Other highlights include a case study by Michelle Convey from The Canal & River Trust and a product interview on the MapAlerter service for local government.
In addition, find out how Handheld's Nautiz computers helped a Finnish forestry company and MapAction volunteer Chris Ewing reports back from a GIS training mission in Kenya. Finally, don't miss our reports from recent industry events, including GeoPlace's annual awards day for addressing champions, and our regular columnists and news coverage.

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GIS Professional October 2012

Smart location, data security and delivering the cash!
In this issue, the GiSPro team report back after sharing the power of place with delegates at the AGI conference, plus Rob Walker reports on a recent Smart Location workshop and Andy Coote looks for a "eureka" moment at the Where conference. Varonis' David Gibson offers top tips on beating cyber criminals, David R Green explains how spatial data can become insight for vineyard owners and Tony Boobier concludes his article on how smarter analytics can deliver the cash!
In addition to our regular columnists and news coverage, we have two case studies - ProMark makes its mark in Mali and Leica's Zeno technology delivers for Reading Borough Council - plus two books on GeoDesign have won praise from our reviewers. Finally, don't miss Chris Holcroft's sign-off to our readers in his last AGI column before moving on to his new role as chief executive for the Royal Meteorological Society.

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GIS Professional August 2012

From an Arctic challenge to the Olympic flame!
The August 2012 issue features a GiSPro special interview with Wai-Ming Lee, MapAction volunteer and Olympic Torch-bearer, plus Handheld's Algiz notebook braves the Arctic climate for the French scientific North Pole 2012 expedition. Also, Les Rackham reviews the OGC's 2011 Business Value Survey; Sarah Jones, explores how GIS software can take mobile mapping to the next level; Jeremy Heath explains why Sutton and East Surrey Water chose Google Maps Coordinate in our product launch interview; and Tony Boobier explains how analytics can help show us the money!
Finally, don't miss our preview of AGI GeoCommunity'12 and the latest views from our regular columnists, plus the latest industry news and products.

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GIS Professional June 2012

A call for heroes, news via litterbins and a digital sommelier!
In this issue, David R Green considers how data is helping to produce better wine, Robin Waters reviews how Britain's basic scale mapping went digital over four decades and GiSPro highlights the range of further training opportunities available to our readers - "career development never stands still"! Plus two case studies - Steve Nelson explains why a free mobile app is a winner for GIS and how has GI helped to cut down on litter in London?
GiSPro has also been keeping track of industry events with reports from Esri UK's user conference, Location 2012, Korec's Technology Day plus recent seminars from Intergraph and Microsoft. And don't miss the latest views from our regular columnists and up-to-date industry news and products.

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GIS Professional April 2012

GEO-12, the wonder child, AddressBase and motor racing!
In a packed April issue, we report on the "standing room only" seminars at GEO-12 plus two key AGI industry events. Experian QAS' Paul Malyon talks about his experience with the latest AddressBase products from Ordnance Survey and GeoPlace in our interview, Jeremy Murfitt explains how GIS is helping the Donington Park Race Circuit and Stephen Booth considers a recent report on the size of the UK market for GI - but is it worth buying? Professor Ian Masser challenges perceptions of UK interest in European GI affairs and 3D Laser Mapping's Graham Hunter reviews the progress of the "wonder child" technology. Plus don't miss two case studies, the latest views from our regular columnists and up-to-date industry news and products.

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GIS Professional February 2012

GEO-12 - all set for a sell out!
The GEO event is set for success in March! Visitors can expect the latest products and services on show - just take a look at the range of exhibitors so far in our GEO-12 Preview! For more information visit the GEO-12 Webpage. Also in this issue, read about the highlights of Defence Geospatial Intelligence 2012 in Neil Waghorn's report.
Robin Waters has done some digging on The Coal Authority's new £7m GIS and considers - duty of care vs cost of care? Also not to be missed: Whither the Digital National Framework? Mike Sanderson and Jamie Justham look at the importance of geography in aggregating linked data stores; Robin McLaren argues that crowd-sourcing can help land administration in the developing world; Steve Peters talks about his journey towards opening data; Colin Bradford explains how he created a new asset inventory system for North Ayrshire; and Neil Waghorn asks - are you worried about locational privacy?

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GIS Professional December 2011

Plenty of news, views and ideas to consider for the New Year!
The December issue features a must read interview with David Henderson, OS product manager, who offers frank answers on the future of MasterMap. Plus, GiSPro has gathered articles highlighting the success of GIS in a range of applications: a project championing the use of geospatial data in crime analysis, how crowd sourcing is benefiting the developing world and one UK local authority has used GIS to drastically boost recycling rates!
And of course we keep you up to date with the latest industry news and events with reports from AGI'Geocommunity'11, GeoPlace's gazetteer exemplar awards and G-STEP's meeting on space innovations in mapping. Plus, what are our regular columnists pondering this issue?

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GIS Professional October 2011

The new economy, open data and a decade of transformation!
GiSPro reports back from the recent AGI GeoCommunity conference with the insights and advice offered by the excellent industry keynoters. More on individual conference sessions next issue! And it was ten years ago that Ordnance Survey launched MasterMap - much has changed but what awaits for the future? Also, Robin Waters talks to "Mr Location" in the GiSPro interview and why is INSPIRE so important for fish migration?
Plus, Adena Schutzberg reports on Esri's international user conference, Robin Waters reports on government consultations on open data and find out more about the PanGeo Project and the 2011 UK Land Cover Map. And of course, don't miss our regular columnists and the latest industry news and product launches!

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GIS Professional August 2011

The wireless world, technology advances and the latest industry news!
In this issue, find many examples of how technology advances are benefiting industry: Korec's Andrew Beckerson argues the case for working wirelessly; LandScope have put mobile mapping to good use in Dublin; plenty of new tech and apps were on show at the popular Where 2.0 event; growing user interest in open source at the recent OSGIS conference; and how is web mapping helping UK housing associations to manage energy efficiency? Plus Antti Jakobsson, EuroGeographics, explains how national mapping agencies can meet their Inspire obligations.
Don't miss our AGI GeoCommunity'11 preview and reports from the recent Inspire Conference in Edinburgh and the Cambridge Conference in Southampton! And finally, our regular columnists and news pages review the latest industry matters.

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GIS Professional June 2011

A lot of questions answered in this issue! Ian Masser reviews the 2010 INSPIRE reports - so what progress has been made? The Public Sector Mapping Agreement is in place but what does it mean? Robin Waters unravels the small print. And how can we improve transport in Britain? Richard Groom reports from the second GeoVation challenge. Plus Robin Waters reports from a Locus meeting - OS plc or OS pdc?
And don't miss Robin Waters' review of GeoPlace and the 2010/11 UK Location Council report, plus Alan Moore's article on GaaS - power to the people! Finally, in-depth reports from Esri UK's annual conference and Where 2.0 and the latest from our regular columnists Adena Schutzberg and Chris Holcroft.

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GIS Professional April 2011

The value of GIS, preparing for a low carbon future and a licencing revolution!
So will shorter licences mean more opportunities? Robin Waters considers phase two of Ordnance Survey's new licencing regime plus Alessandro Annoni explains the role of the EU's Joint Research Centre in managing the INSPIRE directive. An interesting case study from Harrow Council and an interview on e-learning show how the benefits of GIS are increasingly recognised. And don't miss the concluding part of Linked Data: a new paradigm? Finally, catch up with regular columnists Adena Schutzberg, Robin Waters and Chris Holcroft plus GiSPro reports on a preview of Esri's Solar Energy Planning Model.

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GIS Professional February 2011

Keeping an open vision, solving Britain's addressing muddle plus the reality and spin of Linked Data!
The February issue of GiSPro analyses the Government's announcement on the GeoPlace venture for one address database for Britain and offers a timely reminder on copyright issues for those who publish maps, PLUS - is linked data the new paradigm for geographic information? Also, Mike Cottrill explains how a GIS is helping to manage Britain's biggest nuclear facility; find out about Europa Technologies' vision for open data; Richard Groom reports on the recent DGI conference; and how did Muhammad Khaliq convinced colleagues to use GIS for a Syrian infrastructure project? Finally, don't miss our book reviews - one with some controversial comments on OSGB. PLUS the latest from our regular columnists Adena Schutzberg and Robin Waters.

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GIS Professional December 2010

Issues addressed, a new age of "free data" and how to make the perfect elevator pitch!
The December issue offers our readers informative articles with plenty of news, views and ideas to consider for the New Year! GiSPro reports on the big AGI GeoCommunity'10 event, plus a day of useful insights and shared experiences at the AGI's Location Economics seminar. And Peter Capell considers how to deliver true transparency from data, Dave Lovell and Patricia Sokacova make the case for EuroGeographics and Steve Deaville considers - where will GIS lead local authorities?
In addition to our regular columnists, this issue also features reports on Bentley Systems' annual conference, Aligned Assets' latest gazetteer best practice day and the NLPG and NSG annual Exemplar Awards, plus a book review!

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GIS Professional October 2010

Issues exercising and challenging geo-professionals across Europe.
Helping to keep readers informed of GI challenges across Europe, this issue considers: the re-use of public sector information, new standards for geographic information exchange, proving the benefits of GI in tough economic times, the EU Inspire directive and - will joining the European Address Forum help solve problems with address datasets?
Plus, don't miss reading: about the benefits of Software by Subscription, a book review of Lining Up Data in ArcGIS and what were the key messages at Esri's recent international user conference?

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GIS Professional August 2010

We highlight the upcoming AGI GeoCommunity conference with a special GiSPro interview, plus plenty of informative articles on the latest industry developments!
GiSPro quizzes AGI GeoCommunity'10 conference chair, Simon Doyle, on just why it is a "must attend" event - and don't miss our special Sponsor Preview! Plus, Andy Coote found some good new acts at Where 2.0, the editor reports on the British Cartographic Society's annual symposium and Steven Feldman found the recent OpenStreetMap conference to be full of surprises!
Finally, Robin Waters considers the progress of the Location Programme; Korec's Andrew Beckerson looks at recent advances in field data capture; James Cutler, emapsite, considers data abundance and its effect on GI; and Kamal Hassin argues that open source software can be seductively free but still be costly.

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GIS Professional June 2010

The cloud computing storm, the benefits of daydreaming and - death of the email? This issue is crammed with interesting articles you won't want to miss!
The June issue includes informative articles on: a new RICS guide on using GI in land and property development; a case study on one council's experience of open source; the power of maps; - and how can geocasting help you? Plus, is the debate on cloud computing and SaaS over?
And that's not all! Read our detailed coverage of industry events like the launch of Google Earth Enterprise, GeoDATA and GISRUK as well as our team of internationally respected columnists.

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GIS Professional April 2010

Highlights from GEO-10, winners and losers as OS reforms and a new CEO talks about transforming information in to knowledge. . .
Answers gained but more questions to ask: GiSPro considers the government's response to the OS consultation - but was the right question posed? And following two busy days at GEO-10, Richard Groom and Hayley Tear try to convey some of the flavour of the seminar sessions featured at this year's successful geo event. Plus, 1Spatial's new CEO, Nic Snape, talks to Robin Waters in the GiSPro interview.
Also, Iain Greenway and Suzanne McLaughlin set out Northern Ireland's GI vision; Christine Easterfield explains how utility companies are realising the power of GIS; Robin Waters reports from The Guardian's recent conference on managing data; Robin Gawlik talks about his local authority's open source solution for its web mapping; and Steve Feldman discovers that an "unconference" is all about spontaneity at Europe's first wherecamp event!

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GIS Professional February 2010

Public data, the complexity of addressing and an interview with a man used to negotiating tough challenges - all in one packed issue!
We have been lucky to have an interview with Mike Segal, the chair of the UK Location Council, plus learn more about the 2011 census and Robin Waters reviews the policy options in the Ordnance Survey Consultation published in December - but with a general election looming are we just wasting our time responding?
This edition also includes: a case study from West Lindsey District Council; Nick Day casts an eye over recent US events; Carl Hancock introduces new gazetteer management systems from Aligned Assets for emergency services; and Caroline Johnson argues - don't believe the hype! Plus, we cover a wide range of recent industry events - the Locus Association's PSI meeting, a briefing seminar on the UK Location Programme, the AGI's 20th anniversary and Ordnance Survey's Geovation awards.
Finally, this issue's front cover cannot fail to move us all - the startling GeoEye satellite image ( of Port-au-Prince was captured the day after the earthquake struck.

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GIS Professional December 2009

We catch up with Ordnance Survey, report on conferences, seminars, awards and an important anniversary.
GiSPro was invited to Ordnance Survey's hq for a peep at the latest research and talk to director general, Vanessa Lawrence. The editor also talks to ESRI UK's CEO, Richard Waite. Article topics include: Five critical factors for successfully implementing an enterprise GIS; John Fannon looks at accessing open data and services; and a case study examines at how Wiltshire Council solved a parking problem with decimetre GNSS.
Industry events have come fast and furious this autumn/winter. We report on: Intergraph's user conference, the NLPG Exemplar Awards, the European eSDI-Net+ awards, 1Spatial's 40th celebrations, a British Cartographic Society seminar, ESRI's 2009 user event and a recent seminar run by the UK Location Strategy implementation team. Plus, what's caught the attention of our columnists, Adena Schutzberg, Robin Waters and Steve Feldman?

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GIS Professional October 2009

Packed with interviews, a product review, our report on AGI GeoCommunity 09 and topical articles, this issue is not to be missed!
After roaming the intensive conference programme at AGI GeoCommunity 09, the GiSPro team report on another successful event - but is Place valued? Communication within the industry was also a big talking point at the conference and so this issue offers not one, but two GiSPro interviews - Robin Waters talks to Intelligent Addressing's information man, Michael Nicholson, and Andy Coote catches up with Peter Batty, who was one of the plenary speakers at the AGI conference.
Plus, read Andy Coote's view on directions and growth prospects for UK geospatial; John Fannon continues his series of articles on open standards by looking at the web tier; Robin McLaren considers the role of urban sensing in managing megacities; Robin Waters reviews the F!ND web portal; and place-based policy is moving in to government - but will the multiple stewards of geospatial data get in the way? Finally, what's caught the attention of our regular columnists, Adena Schutzberg, Chris Holcroft and Robin Waters, this issue?

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GIS Professional August 2009

It's that time of year again! With the AGI's GeoCommunity '09 in September geared up to be even bigger than last year, GiSPro finds out what will be on offer from the conference and its sponsors. Plus, Andy Coote catches up with plenary speaker, Andrew Turner - so where is open source going?
Open standards, OpenStreetMap, Open Source. . . this packed issue includes John Fannon's second article on the benefits of open standards, Steven Feldman finds that the wikipedia of maps is growing up fast at the State of the Map conference and Robin Waters reports on the first UK conference dedicated to open source.
Plus, Robin Waters attended the recent GSDI conference, GiSPro takes a look at ESRI's newly launched Enterprise Lab, Stephen Booth reports on Ordnance Survey's Location '09 user conference and, at Where 2.0, Andy Coote found that the recession hasn't dented the neogeography community's enthusiasm!

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GIS Professional June 2009

A flurry of activity in the industry brings plenty to read again this issue! Events, new strategies, major initiatives. . . our pages are packed with topical articles just waiting to be read!
Chris Holcroft opens the batting on Ordnance Survey's new strategy, while Stephen Booth reports on the views of players and critics, Robin Waters casts an eye over recent major GI initiatives, John Fannon looks at how open standards can help access key business data, Steven Ramage explains how data providers have demonstrated that they can deliver INSPIRE compliant datasets that improve the original data, plus National Spatial Data Infrastructures - coordinating framework or battleground?
Finally, we report on a successful outing for GEO-9, Steve Feldman looks at why bloggers have been in full flow recently, Richard Groom reports on the 2010 release of Autodesk's product range - plus what issues have caught the attention of our regular columnists, Adena Schutzberg, Chris Holcroft and Robin Waters?

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GIS Professional April 2009

Open Source - Return on Investment in GIS - the "Public Task" for public sector data holders - Securing the 2012 Olympics - Crime Mapping. These are all covered in the April issue along with Best Practice in SDI's and the OS's Terra Future event. If this line up isn't enough to whet your appetite then our columnists - Adena Schutzberg, Chris Holcroft, Steven Feldman and Robin Waters have all got something topical to say.

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GIS Professional February 2009

GiSPro February issue keeps readers briefed on GI's big issues this year with a raft of articles from clued-up industry players! Chris Holcroft and Robin Waters give their assessments of the UK Location Strategy; GiSPro reports on a recent AGI Inspire workshop; and three members of the ISO GI and Geomatics technical committee explain how we collect data is essential for logical conclusions. So just how big is the UK GI industry? What are its drivers and prospects? Andrew Coote and Les Rackham have carried out a major study - read a digested version this issue!
Also, don't miss a report on DGI Europe, Autodesk's Dominic Jukes looks at new data distribution methods and Andrew Cooke argues that animations can help study flood dynamics - as long as they are of the highest quality. Finally, Steven Feldman reports on the latest views from cyber space in Blogging the Blogs, Ian Masser remembers a giant of a man in an obituary for Peter Borrough and, of course, our regular columnists Adena Schutzberg and Robin Waters consider industry hot topics.

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GIS Professional December 2008

With Christmas round the corner, GiSPro is full of good cheer as this issue's collection of articles cover the highs of the industry and future potential. So put away your humbugs and read: Robin Waters' two conference reports, one celebrating the unsung heroes who maintain the land, property and street gazetteers and the other about the potential of PSI; ESRI's EMEA conference heard how to get the best out of GIS, report Stephen Booth and Richard Groom; Ian Masser finds that GIS is going strong in south-east Asia; we conclude our report on the successful AGI'08 conference; plus - ever wondered how Father Christmas finds all our houses?! But there's still plenty of room for debate! Muki Hakley and Dr Katherine Jones argue that GIS interfaces must improve, Steven Feldman finds out what issues have occupied bloggers recently and, of course, our regular columnists - Adena Schutzberg, Chris Holcroft and Robin Waters - are clued up on the industry's current hot topics.

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GIS Professional October 2008

Full reporting for those who missed AGI Geocommunity'08 plus ESRI's 39th user conference in the US and the cartographers' annual symposium. The future of the Planning Pipeline plus a primer on mapping from Mary Spence all add to a great editorial line up. And, of course, we release details of next year's GEO-9: the complete Geo-event on 1 & 2 April 09 - mark the date! By the way, don't miss a tale of how a Polish GIS is helping British potatoes and the current state of GIS in Africa. Finally, a big welcome to our latest columnist, Steve Feldman who takes over the "Blogging the Blogs" column.

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GIS Professional August 2008

For this issue, GiSPro considers flood risk - so how can we all keep our heads above water? In a casestudy on Miller Insurance's Online Services, Pitney Bowes MapInfo's Justin Davies discusses how adding a "risk-mapping functionality" helped manage risk exposure for US coverholders, and ESRI's Keith Wishart argues that better sharing of data and mash-ups will help us respond to the threat of flooding. Plus, AGI GeoCommunity '08 is just round the corner, so we preview what's in store for delegates. 

A case study from Alan Churchward looks at why mobile GPS was successful for Fountains Plc; find out how residents of two London neighbourhoods have tackled noise pollution - and the results from their surveys - and Robin Waters reports on the pros and cons of GeoHub NI - so is it a regional SDI? 

In addition, read Nick Day's report on GIS in California, Carl Hancock argues for a more modular approach, the AGI calls for member input into the PSI Directive consultation and try out our latest round-up of recommended blogs! Meanwhile, our regular columnists - Adena Schutzberg, Robin Waters and Chris Holcroft - get their teeth into the industry's topical issues.

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GIS Professional June 2008

With the industry event calendar currently overflowing, GiSPro has endeavoured to cover a variety of engaging and important events for the June issue. We report on the highlights of our GEO-8 exhibition, Robin Waters covers 1Spatial's popular annual conference, the editor attended a recent AGI special interest group meeting, Andy Coote considers the "wisdom of the crowd" at Where 2.0 - and what's on the menu for the AGI'08 conference? Plus, we interview Andrew Coote and Steven Feldman on the future of Ordnance Survey, Suchith Anand considers trends in GIS research, Alice Froggatt considers the worth of chartered geographer status and Robin Waters investigates - is the Catalist framework helpful or a bureaucratic blunder? Don't miss our case studies - National Trust's use of Magellan GPS and integrating GIS and CAD at Rushmoor Borough Council - not forgetting the latest thoughts from our regular columnists: Robin Waters, Adena Schutzberg and Chris Holcroft.

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GIS Professional April 2008

Always eager for debate, GiSPro's April issue starts with Carl Hancock's pertinent question - does "place" matter or is it just shrinking behind technology? Other topical issues include: a look into the People's Map project; Robin Waters investigates whether the Ordnance Survey's PAI programme has been successful - backed by coverage on the CLG Committee's report into the mapping agency - and consider whether public sector attitudes are hindering the take-up of public data in Ben Bennetts' sad tale of LaMIS. Plus, read our cutting edge report from a conference on digital geography and how is the British Horse Society making use of GIS? To wrap it up, we offer a GiSPro Interview with Intergraph's Reid French; the all new "Blogging the Blogs" column; a report from the Cities Revealed event and two case studies - all in addition to fresh thoughts from our regular columnists: Robin Waters, Adena Schutzberg and Chris Holcroft.

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GIS Professional February 2008

Money, money, money! It is indeed a rich man's world but guidance is on hand from Keith Wishart and Andrew Coote on how to make the business case for GIS to make your CEO listen, while John Marchant advises how to speak the language of finance. PLUS Ian Masser reports on a Euro 40 million programme for SDI developments in the Netherlands, and find out how a US company is saving money through asset management. Also in this issue: how is GIS faring in Scotland and Northern Ireland; read a case study on laser scanning; we report from the DGI Europe conference; and track the history of ESRI with Jim Baumann. And, of course, brace yourselves for the regular blast from our columnists - Robin Waters, Adena Schutzberg and Chris Holcroft.

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GIS Professional December 2007

Adding our own touch to the Christmas festivities, this issue offers some engrossing articles to enjoy over the holiday season! Read about Dave Lovell's (Eurogi) thoughts on geographic information in Europe; how GIS is helping to manage refugee camps; and Dr Mike Osborne challenges poor practice in marine GIS management. Plus, we continue the lively debate that began at AGI'07 on "Is GI a bad career choice?" - but are we asking the right question? A great topic for the Christmas dinner table! Our coverage of the latest industry events includes reports from Trimble's Dimensions event in Las Vegas, a Locus Association seminar and a lecture on free earth observation data. Finally, find out what's exercising the minds of our regular columnists - Robin Waters, Adena Schutzberg and Chris Holcroft.

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GIS Professional October 2007

Rocking to a new beat! The October issue dives right in to the latest industry affairs with a report on AGI'07 and its new format. Plus, OpenStreetMap's founder, Steve Coast, tells the tale of its history (including details of mapping parties, the "evil Steve" theory and attempted entrapment!) and what he has mapped out for the future. Other articles not to be missed include: Jeremy Morley on the challenge of global web mapping using open source tools; an invitation to "Explore" Ordnance Survey's new web portal; John Abbott and Ian Holt on creating "the mother of all mash-ups"; Mapalytics' online GIS tool, Edumap, in schools; and Tony Vickers argues that property tax reform offers new opportunities for the GI community. Plus, our regular columnists offer their regular insights into all things GI - this issue covering EUROGI, the demand for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and the GIS Certification Institutes certification programme.

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GIS Professional August 2007

For this issue's theme, Keeping Track of Crime, GiSPro looks at how the British Transport Police are combating crime with GIS and ESRI's, Daran Scarlett, describes a new role that has appeared for our industry in the police force. The August issue also brings all the low-down on the latest industry events and developments. Read all about the Power of Information Report - the AGI's Chorley Day event - OpenStreetMap's first conference - a Locus Association seminar - a Royal Institution of Navigation debate on satnavs - and, of course, our AGI'07 Preview. Don't forget to read the GiSPro interview - this time following the thoughts of Ordnance Survey's new director Peter ter Haar - plus Charles Horsford's article on restoring Derbyshire Peak District moors with mobile GIS. To top everything off, our regular columnists offer their insight on topics like the Marine Bill, how GIS groups have evolved and Galileo.

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GIS Professional June 2007

GIS for buried services: Anthony Beck outlines the VISTA project's aim to integrate GIS data from utility companies; we look at underground assets in Edinburgh plus Yorkshire Water's corporate GIS, Odyssey. Plus, how can we inspire the next generation of geographers? First impressions of Dudley schools approach - the web-based project, GIS-MO - offers one answer. Catch up on the latest industry events as editor John Arthur reports back from the 1Spatial conference and Susan Ayers covers the University of Manchester's debate on free data. What are the seeds of success? Find out in this issue's GiSPro Interview as Robin Waters profiles the successful career of entrepreneur Mike Klein, founder of GDC (edited from an interview on Beermat Radio by Mike Southon). Finally, check out what oblique imagery via the web may do for GIS and a look at available hardware options with Korec's Peter Lloyd. And, of course, read about our columnists' take on topical issues.

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GIS Professional April 2007

The April issue kicks off with a lively editor's interview: a candid insight into The Guardian's FreeOurData campaign straight from avid campaigner Michael Cross. Next, read about the online health atlas promoting geospatial technology in local healthcare - complete with a molar map! Readers can also follow two viewpoints on how GIS is progressing in local government - how have Huntingdon District Council and Hampshire County Council fared? The latest news and analysis of the post-NIMSA era is delivered in reports from Richard Groom and Tony Vickers and discover how to prevent the UK from becoming the next Atlantis in a telling report on flood management. Many more articles and reports await your attention along with the astute observations you've come to expect from our regular columnists Adena Schutzberg, Robin Waters and Chris Holcroft.

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GIS Professional February 2007

Following this issue's theme of 3D cities, Kilian Ulm offers readers an insight into cyber cities and argues that they offer benefits to a range of fields. Also, an interview with new CEO, Iain Greenway, answers all our questions on Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland - find out what he foresees in OSNI's future. Also, a variety of reports on top industry events, including Trimble's Big Dimensions user conference, Autodesk's annual UK user conference, AGI Scotland and Wales and the MapInfo conference, to keep readers up-to-date. Finally, read up on all the matters that our regular columnists are tackling this issue.

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GIS Professional November/December 2006

Following the theme of 'GIS in the marine environment', this issue offers a report from Dr Jonathan Iliffe, on work with the UK Hydrographic Office towards joining up land and marine data, and from Dr Lee Alexander, an update on the development of ECDIS into a marine GIS. Plus, there is detailed coverage of Terra Future 2006, AGI'06 and reports from the Digital Earth Summit and the ESRI User conference. Whether you are a marine GIS enthusiast looking for the latest news, or you simply want to learn more about the field, this issue will fill you in.

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GIS Professional September/October 2006

With the government's move to bring local services online, readers can discover how easy access to data has helped boost people's awareness of GIS. Also of note, we highlight the sponsored debate opened by The Guardian's 'Free Our Data' campaign, concerning ownership and access to public sector data. From the past we head to the future, as former teacher Lynette Rowbottom suggests that GIS awareness is set to become a national standard for generations to come, as the UK welcomes GIS into the educational curriculum.

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GIS Professional July/August 2006

The role of GIS in disaster relief is central to MapAction's work while it also helps large power companies keep track of their critical assets. Both of these applications are featured plus the potential offered by augmented reality in geospatial information systems and 3D screens are other topics to whet readers' appetites. There is also news of OSGB's new address layer for MasterMap, we ask if Australia offers a model for mapping agencies and we preview AGI06.

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GIS Professional May/June 2006

The UK must get into the knowledge business, argues Adrian Norman in our GiSPro interview with the outspoken IT veteran. The role of GIS in managing crisis and public health is examined plus we look at the rise of open source code and report on INSPIRE and the Cities Revealed events.

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GIS Professional March/April 2006

With more emphasis being put on national security, we look at the new tools to aid the apprehension of terrorists, while Spencer Chainey explains how GIS contributes to modern policing. Editor Robin Waters writes two pieces, in the first he details his meeting with Professor Mike Jackson at AGI’s Emergency Planning Special Interest Group, and in the second unearths the pro and cons of the RFID. Also, John Goodwin and Glen Hart of Ordnance Survey look at the reality of the Semantic Web and GiS Pro gives an insight into how Metadata is being underutilised as only a few people seem to appreciate its value.

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GIS Professional January/February 2006

We review at a few key topics and conferences in this month’s issue. Top of the list is education. What sort of education do we need in the industry? Schemes, degree level courses, both graduate and post graduate or even training on the job. The conferences we reviewed that went by recently include AGI ’05, GIS Day, Autodesk’s User Conference and Snowflake’s first user conference which was held in a zoo. Also, David Rhind argues that understanding the technology is not enough; we need people with skills and experience.

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GIS Professional November/December 2005

A mixed bag for this issue; Robin Waters investigates UK government target for online services, John Bebb explains how a small Caribbean island has developed a hurricane-proof spatial data infrastructure and Finnian O’Cionnaith tells us about Oxigen’s challenges in running and maintaining a GIS for County Dublin. We have an interview regarding Google Earth and addressing issues and also how Google Google accessibility is just one of many new features in the latest version of Cadcorp’s SIS. GiS Pro also covers the Star-Apic’s user group conference and the Ordnance Survey’s one-off futures event, plus, more from our regular columns.

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GIS Professional September/October 2005

GIS is very much the theme of the issue. We investigate the uncertain world of GIS, GIS ethics, flood modelling for a seaside town’s GIS and Editor Tamsin Fleming details what Berty Wooster and his chums have got to do with GIS. We also have conference reports from the ESRI User Conference, the MapInfo user conference and Robin Waters reveals the hell which is Sardinia’s beaches on the EC’s INSPIRE directive and the recent workshop.

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GIS Professional July/August 2005

Lots to choose from in this issue. We look at how PPGIS can aid sustainable development, how Earth Observation and web-based GIS are used for water resources management, what’s new in Autodesk Map3D and MapGuide 6.5 and we ask is Britain moving in the right direction for its very own geospatial data infrastructure. We also look at some developments in UK councils, what is Gigateway? And how researchers in Turkey are developing a web-based GIS for earthquake monitoring.

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GIS Professional May/June 2005

Case studies on 3g networks, risk management planning, Identicom for the NHS and more fills the issue. Plus, James Hayes asks are consumers the market for location-based services while Andy Walker looks into the challenge of delivering location-based services to a mobile phone. To round off the issue we have reports on the Cities Revealed User Conference and the GIS Research Conference held at University of Glasgow.

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GIS Professional March/April 2005

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GIS Professional January/February 2005

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GIS Professional November/December 2004

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